MY CONSTELLATION personalised stars print


  • Decorate your home walls with the most important memory in your life.
  • Size: 420 x 594 mm. (16.5 x 23.4 in).
  • A wide range of colours and designs available.
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Do you remember the most important day in your life? It could be the day you both met, your wedding day or when someone important to you was born.

MY CONSTELLATION is a personalised print, made to order exclusively for you, with the stars, planets and constellations that were in the sky on a date and time, in a certain place.


  • Choose a design and colour combination (check all of them on the photo slide or by choosing the combination in the drop-down menu).
  • Date (required): we print literally the date (past or future) you write here (so please choose either 20.06.2010, 06-20-2010, 20th. of June of 2010…).
  • Place (required): we print literally the place you write here (either a city, a street, a venue…).
  • Time (optional): if you know a certain time, we print it literally (so please choose either 19:00, 7 p.m., 7 PM…).
  • Exact place (optional): we use this information to look for the coordinates of this place (but the place itself doesn’t appear printed). It is a way to hide a special (but probably not glamorous place) behind coordinates (i.e. a hospital, a venue, a shop, a restaurant…). If you do not fill this box, we will look for the coordinates of the “place” you mentioned above.
  • Name/s or initial/s (optional): we print literally the names that you write here.
  • Quote (optional): we print literally the words you write here (maybe a famous quote, a chorus or some meaningful words for you).

Example: A baby was birth at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital, in London, on the 1st. of February of 2020, at 3pm, so the constellation map shows the sky on the 1st. of February at 3pm, and we print the date format chosen (i.e. 01.02.2020), the time (i.e. 15:00), the place (i.e. London) and the coordinates of St John & St Elizabeth Hospital (but not the name of the hospital itself, so the coordinates show secret information).

We use two different kinds of typographies that we combine in different ways to make your print beautiful and unique.

You will receive your print inside a poster tube, so you can combine it with your favourite frame. If you are thinking of choosing an Ikea frame, you can use a 50×70 cm. (19 ¾ ” by 27 ½ “) frame from Lomviken, Ribba, Hovsta, Knoppang, Edsbruk, Silverhojden, Virserum and Ramsborg families, placing the mat BEHIND the print instead of on top of it.

Our products are custom made, so they require an additional crafting period (compared with mass production products we are used to see everywhere) which can take up to 7 days (although we work hard to reduce it as much as possible). This is because all of our pieces are unique and made to order with love . Pippotina was established in the UK  to make unique and outstanding pieces for every occasion.
Each and every piece is different and unique. We use only the highest quality materials as we believe that exceptional products are made from only the best materials.
Any questions? Send us an email to
Photo props not included.
If shipping overseas, you may be asked to pay import taxes.


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Simple, Minimal, Polaroid, Art Deco


Nigh blue, Dark grey, White with blue sky, White with grey sky, Baby blue, Baby pink, Baby grey


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